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Get Rid of Cigarette and Pet Smells for Good

Cigarettes and other smells linger long after the smoke has cleared because it penetrates flooring, water-based paint and other materials, but doesn’t stay in there. For the foreseeable future, the smells gradually seep back into the air and into other objects.

For years, the best advice was to scrub clean or toss out everything that smelled and then to sealcoat the walls, ceiling and floors. To get rid of any remaining odor, people could set out containers of charcoal or other odor-absorbing material. Then ozone treatment came along, and today it’s the go-to solution offered by numerous companies that specialize in cleaning up after fires.

Unfortunately, to effectively eliminate odor, the ozone concentration needs to be higher than what is considered safe to breathe, Christman said. The Environmental Protection Agency, which recommends against buying home air-filtering equipment that generates ozone, reviewed numerous scientific studies and concluded that ozone concentrations that do not exceed public health standards have little likelihood of removing odors. 

Which is why we only perform these cleanings without anyone in the home while there is any concentration of ozone.  Fortunately ozone is unstable – and actually breaks down by itself, into oxygen.  Our ozone generator has a high-quality sensor which detects down to 0.0 ppm, and we don’t allow anyone in the home or area until it’s down below that!

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