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Your Fresh Start!

Our goal is to give you and your home or office a Fresh Start; whether it’s a cleaning or a fumigation, we do it!  A Saskatchewan innovative technology that leaves your space clean and smelling fresh.
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What is the Fresh Start process?

Designed and engineered in Saskatchewan, this technology disinfects interior spaces and kills viruses and bacteria.  It generates a biocidal ozone gas that will treat every inch of your home and destroy micro-organisms. When complete, the technology converts the gas back into oxygen leaving a clean space that smells fresh. You can get that 'after a thunderstorm smell' without the candles.

What to Expect

The Fresh Start process can vary in time depending on the type of service being requested and the size of home or area being treated. For example; an average 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom home can be completed in about 4-6 hours time.  Some services require more than one application.

What we Do

Smells & Fumigation

- Fires / Smoke Smells
- Pet Odours
- Mold / Mildew
- COVID / Viruses


- Surfaces & Walls
- Move in / Move Outs
- Carpet & Area Rugs
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